Parkinson's Disease Top Tips to Optimize Function

Parkinson's Disease Top Tips to Optimize Function


Lucille Leader, Geoffrey Leader, Marion North, Suzie Tatnall, Kelly Monk
Paperback | 188 pages
170 x 244 x 10mm | 310g
Publication date
01 Jan 2018
Denor Press
Publication City/Country
London, United Kingdom
Illustrations note
black & white illustrations
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Parkinson's Disease Top Tips to Optimize Function The "Top Tips" offered in this user-friendly book, are distilled from the many years of successful clinical experience of the authors, directors of their pioneering Parkinson's Management Team, in London, UK. It is greatly comforting for people with Parkinson's to know that these really excellent tips can offer effective tools to optimize their function and wellbeing (abilities), at any stage This book is a MUST for people with Parkinson's, their Partners and Caregivers to confidently make informed choices within the constraints of the illness. The many positive tips include:  The Specific Timing of taking L-dopa and other Drugs with Food  Avoiding Drug-Nutrient and Inter-Nutrient Interactions  Movement Recommendations include Unfreezing, Getting up, Balance, Dance, Movement Therapy, Feet, Hands, Circulation and many others!  Understanding How Dopamine is made from Dietary Protein and other Nutrients  Dopamine, Adrenaline and the Stress Connection - Stress Management  Regulation of Intestinal Function  Sleep Improvement  Energy Production  Dental Health  Weight Control  Diet  Stress Relief  Reducing Free Radicals  Avoiding Excito-toxins  Food Hygiene, Kitchen Safety  Intimacy, Pregnancy  Having an Anaesthetic  Travel Tips  Partners and Caregivers  Speech Recommendations  Osteopathy, Physiotherapy  Swallowing and Chewing Problems  Music Therapy  Laboratory Tests  Nutritional Supplements  Simple, Delicious Recipes  Helpful Contacts

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